RE:BUILD is the construction system designed and developed by Pilosio Building Peace for refugee camps, first shelter and assistance, and emergency situations. It consists of temporary modular structures, which according to need, can become a house, a school, a clinic, a canteen or any other use as local needs require.

How does it work?

The system, which is extremely quick and easy to assemble, combines scaffolding tubes with natural materials readily found on-site, such as gravel, sand or earth, guaranteeing a high level of thermal insulation. The scaffolding tubes are joined together to build the frame of the structure, just like pieces of a puzzle. The scaffolding platforms are used as the roof, over which earth is placed in order to ensure maximum thermal insulation and, eventually, to create micro crops. Below this canopy a special container for channeling and recovering rainwater is also positioned. Walls are then built by simply filling the space made for this purpose with natural materials, primarily gravel and stones, or with the most natural resources available locally.
Finally, the floor is made of plywood panels from northern Europe, extremely durable thanks to the phenolic film protection.

Who installs it?

RE: BUILD was created to put the community at the center of the project. Given the ease and speed of assembly, the same local community (for example, the refugees) could manage the assembly of the structure themselves. A team of 10 workers, lacking any know-how, is capable of assembling a structure 16 x 16 meters in size in two weeks, with the supervision of a Pilosio Building Peace technician.

Where has it been used?

The first two projects were carried out in Jordan: in Za’atari refugee camp and in the Queen Rania Park, Amman respectively. In Jordan, RE: BUILD aims to meet the shortage of educational facilities for school age Syrian refugees. And now in Somalia various structures are in an advanced stage of preparation for the construction of an entire area of a Refugee Camp, consisting of a school, a market, a residential area, a canteen and an information centre for the local community




RE:BUILD can be dismantled and redeployed to other emergency areas.


RE:BUILD can be expanded by adding modules.


RE:BUILD can be easily built by the refugees themselves.


RE:BUILD is eco-friendly, using sustainable materials available locally.


RE:BUILD is strong, safe and weatherproof. Can be used in seismic areas.


RE:BUILD is designed for the community, about the community and by the community.