Pilosio international "Building Peace" Award

The  construction industry at its most socially-aware, in step with the times, seeking a role in developing civil society and helping to improve living standards around the world. The Pilosio Building Peace Award culminates in the presentation of an annual award to those individuals or companies behind those projects or ideas which have contributed to the improvement of living conditions and promoted interchange, tollerance and peace among people.

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Fayda and Saad Neyl Camp.

13 February 2015

Our US Goodwill Ambassador Tara Kangarlou visiting the ‪Syrian Refugee‬ camps in Lebanon.

Our US Goodwill Ambassador Tara Kangarlou visiting the ‪Syrian Refugee‬ camps in the Bekaa Valley in ‪‎Lebanon‬, exploring ways to take our peace building project there. “20 minutes more driving and we’re in Syria. The Lebanese army are keeping control of the border as ISIL militants occupy the other end. Here we are at the… Read more

Being white in Africa. They are least among all Others.

2 February 2015

Imagine an African child with typical African facial features, but, instead of her/his natural skin colour, imagine him “white”; because of the lack of melanin, a pigment in the skin, he has blond, almost white hair and pale eyes. People with albinism, in the majority of African countries, especially Tanzania, are, in a very real… Read more


26 January 2015

Dario Roustayan, CEO of Pilosio, is 49 years-old, with the skills of an Italian on the international scene, including philanthropy. Born of a Persian father and an Italian mother (from Friuli), Dario lived in Teheran until he was 14; then, with the 1979 revolution, the family sends him to study in Germany. He takes a… Read more